Sun is out and so is pollen, allergies. Perfect. I can't get into the writing mood well when I don't feel fairly well--unless something really grabs and pulls me along.

That's OK, though. Just have to keep moving and using techniques to keep you going.

So I am reading tweets and come across an article about what authors make. It's not that depressing, but when comparing how many writers are ripping and tearing at the pedestal to get to the top--or even make a livable wage--it can slap you hard into perspective.

I've had people tell me they write only for the love of it, but ultimately you want to get paid for that work you've done. But then another mistake that is made is thinking the one work you do is going to be enough to sustain you in your career. You need many stories. And even more than that.

From what I've seen, depending on which route you're going to go, independent, or the "Big Five," you have to have a lot of content to come directly after the last story, or else you run the risk of becoming irrelevant. Especially if you're not a Dan Brown or Thomas Harris, who can go for years without publishing a book and still sell a ton.

It can become a bit depressing, and you really need to keep that day job for a bit as you break into this career of love. But if you can pull it off, well, you can pull it off.



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