I was thinking, and with all the stress from the day job, added to that the stress of worrying about the writing career, how can one be creative? You hear people on podcasts and blogs and Twitter rant and rant about how it's hard to break into a successful writing career, or how the industry is changing and if you don't change with it you won't make it. Don't get me wrong, in there somewhere is a positive note, but for the most part it gets my heart racing a bit. Sometimes I feel I've procrastinated, or am procrastinating, and it's all passing me by. But it's not.
The thing is this, do you have it? Can you write memorable stories that resonate with people that make them want to turn the page? And I'm not just saying this; I mean can you REALLY do this? Ultimately that's for the readers to decide, and a few others, but it can be done.
There is a formula. And maybe it's not just one formula. Maybe it's a formula for each individual writer. You just have to find it. Yeah. And when you do, it's like a muse comes out and says, "Okay, you found me, you win a prize, so what're we doin'?"
Yes, it's easier said than done, and yes, sometimes you don't know you have it, or don't have it for that matter. Sometimes it doesn't just come out, you have to keep trying and sculpting your voice and such, but when it does it's a beautiful thing.


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