Look at the Trees

It feels as though something, some entity or power, is trying to keep me from attaining my goal. It's funny at times, because it really seems this way. Of course my sick mind makes it into a story. If it's not the day job sucking the energy from me, then it's the commute (MTA, or New York traffic). I used to be able to type some notes on my work PC, maybe belt out a scene or two, or three. But then they put some restriction on Office and I can't send out a certain size, then it has to be labeled external, but it still somehow doesn't work all the time. So I got creative and copy pasted (keep source format) into an email and then copy pasted (KEEP SOURCE FORMAT) back onto a Word document on my PC, or phone. Yeah, it worked, but now it was a hassle. And sometimes it's so busy, and so much energy is gone, that you don't want to do all these extra steps. Or you say, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow," and the email gets lost, or you forget where you wanted to put the scene (did I already edit that? Crap! Was it better than the edit I did in this email? How old is this email?) AH! 

Then there is the times when I sit down to write and can do nothing but play with my phone, or watch an episode of some show I missed (it might give me an idea epiphany though!) and end up doing nothing. 

Of course there are those days when everything just comes together. And I've realized that if you work on something else and put other projects aside, your sub-conscience works on it and BAM one day you're belting out all these things and tying up loose ends like nothing. 

Oh, and I love when you're finally on a roll, typing away, and someone comes up to you and knocks you out of that state of mind. 

I guess the point here is, don't let it stop you. Keep going no matter one (of course, if this is what you want to do). But you can't let these things stop you, because believe me, there are a lot of things that are working against you--and not just the things that are hindering you from actually writing. There's competition, there's the "slush pile," there's that crooked literary agency that wants to get your money to edit your book, and then they keep you on a shelf for a year and scam you and then you've wasted a year of your novels life--especially if you are new and didn't have a few written at that time. So many things! 

But you stop, and look around, smell the air, look at the trees, and just write. Don't think about those things. Just write and get it done. Then you can research, but remember, this should be something you love. Not just typing and the English word. No. The story. Putting scenes together. Characters. Allowing someone to escape their life and live in a magical world, even if it's just an hour or two a day. Sometimes these stories are all we've got! 

Ok, that's enough for now. Get to writing. 



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