Don't Stop

What a wonderful rainy Friday. Haven't been able to do much besides a few jottings of ideas and a scattering of scenes, but it's okay. The weekend is here and I plan to get down to it. I have submitted twice this week, got one rejection, and that's okay. 

In a way I'm actually looking forward to it. Not exactly rejections, but what the whole thing means. I plan to keep going, write another story while I wait to see what happens to the first, and send that out. Hopefully every day, if not every other day. But you can't stop. 

I was thinking this week past about who rejected Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling. How they must be kicking themselves in the rear. But it happens. When you send to a place, unless they just don't want the story, they may reject it because maybe at that time it doesn't fit in with a theme they have, or they are full, or zombies were last month, or anything. But it doesn't mean your story is bad. You just have to keep doing it. 

So while I don't like being rejected, I now look for the emails rejecting me. You can say the rejections mean I am doing this, I am on my way to complete my goal. 

And I won't stop. 

Now lets get to it. 



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