OT and the Never-ending Battle of the Absence of Creativity

I have been neglecting this, among other things creativity related. I had a post but did not put it up. Maybe it hit home and I didn't want to face it, or perhaps I just never got around to getting it on here. I don't know. I'm too tired. Overtime is been still a thing at the time of writing this. That is a part of my absence from here. Also, I haven't been feeling creative. There's that. 

I was able to renew my video editor subscription for another year. I'm trying to get the energy up to start some new projects. It's just I start something and feel decent and then the flame goes out. Is there a breeze somewhere? Lips tightened and blowing in my direction? Or am I just thinking too much? 

I'll see. 

But for now, back to work. 

See you next time. 



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