Planning a Pizza video for Random Will YouTube Channel

I'm planning a pizza video for my YouTube channel Random Will. 

That's right, I've finally filmed--eh, okay. I had filmed the pizza preparation and cooking. I just haven't sat down and recorded commentary and put the video together. It's due to a few things, one being afraid it won't be just right. But I have to follow my own advice and just jump in. So I'm going to start hopefully recording something soon. 

I will show you how easy it is to make your own pizza where you can use your own toppings and make it the way you like it, without the crazy costs of frozen supermarket pizza, or the rising expense of fast food. 

I plan on making more cooking videos for that channel, and because it's going to be random stuff--hence the Random part of the name--I will be doing other fun things (things I find the most fun and entertaining about YouTube). 

Either way, I'm going to see what I do and I'll update soon. 

Talk soon. 



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