Update 8/8/2021

I've been very busy. Haven't posted here in quite a while. But of course, you know this. 

I have a few thoughts to get out properly, but I'll throw out a few updates here: 

I've lost more weight. For those on a weight journey, more info to come. 

I have some thoughts about writing and creativity that I want to get out. And thoughts about a problem I've had for practically my whole life and how, even though it hampers me quite a bit, I don't let it get me down. There is more I need to do to get it under control and hopefully get rid of it, and discover paths of ways to do this, and if you have this issue, or others that are similar, then maybe you want to come along for that ride. 

I do have a game channel called Got Game Will Play. If you are interested, I only really have Uncharted Fortune part 1, and a couple of random Call of Duty videos. But if you want to see more, let me know. 

There are quite a few things happening in technology that are pretty cool that I have a few thoughts on. 

Even a possible new YouTube channel I've been toying with for quite a while. It's a channel with random things, but I think a lot of it will be useful. The channel is Random Will. Play on words. Maybe some cooking. Maybe some ideas about how to save money in these crazy days. 

The most important thing through all of this is to have fun. 

I don't know how many people read these posts. If the Google numbers are correct, there's a little bit of a crowd flowing through. I don't know if that is bot traffic, random people popping in, or legit repeat visitors. I'm hoping it's the latter who choose to come and join me on this crazy adventure. Maybe you can drop a comment here and there so I know you're out there. 

But for now, I've got to run.

I'll be back. 




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