Still Here

Still here. Just haven't been feeling pretty much anything lately. I will be trying to get back into things. Never give up! 

I'm going to try and get into things slowly. Everything has just been draining. And I am not complaining, but I was thinking about it and had to admit to it--not fool myself. I wondered: why am I not writing, editing video, thinking about things and writing about them on my blog--even reading or listening to music. And I realized I had spurts of ideas and feelings, but when I made the effort to open the device to work on it, I told myself maybe later. And later never came. 

Until now, I guess I can say. Here. With this post. 

My cat passed. That hurt greatly. It was pretty much out of nowhere. Instantly. And then I started thinking about others who have lost loved ones throughout all this madness. 

So I've turned off the news, only listening to necessary stuff, and that helped a great deal. It's harder than you think. Because you want to know what's going on, and you get the notifications on your phone (which I really should shut off, too). But when you're using your time on one thing, you can't do the other. 

I did get a few videos out for the YouTube channel. That felt good, but almost as if I were an imposter. Strange feelings. 

Well, here's to things getting better. I think they will. I have a couple left over videos Gary and I did that I never got around to editing, so I'll put those out as maybe "lost episodes". And I'll try new editing on them. 

Sorry if this post goes off in many directions, it's how my mind is right now. 

See you soon. 



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