Is Reading A Chore?

I used to look at my reading as a wonderful time to slip into another world and get lost in a story. Listen to Gary and I talk about this on the Monday show here. 
I have more thoughts on this. 

Sometimes it would be wonderful, sometimes not so great, but I always loved loosing myself in a great story where the special effects and imagination were endless. 

Starting to write seriously, I began reading magazines and sites that said reading was one of the more important things to do if you are serious about writing. 

Then when I looked to my reading, I got this feeling. A feeling of being forced, almost. And it became somewhat of a chore. 

Now don't get me wrong. I still enjoy reading. But there are times when I feel I am forcing myself because of all those articles. 

It's like watching horror movies because you feel you have to comment on them. It looses the fun and raw enjoyment because now I feel I am looking for things I should know. Little parts that I should understand, and be able to analyze because it's important. 


It is what you make of it. Your writing is yours, and if you can relate or connect with someone else, the better. But you cannot think that doing these things will automatically make you better. Because it won't. 

The reason you are told to read a lot is because repetition will teach you things. Like where to put quotations, or punctuation. It may teach you when to break the rules by watching how different writers do it, or it may teach you how to put underlying themes in your story. 

But you don't have to do these things for your story to be great. 

So I say go on and enjoy your reading and movies, don't look for things unless they naturally reach out to you. If someone else notices something different, it may be their circumstances that brought them to realizing this, and gives you something to discuss. There ya go. 

Keep writing. 



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