Interpret As You Will

Interpret these words as you will. Some will say to each his own, and there are many ways to tell a story. I agree. But there are many unspoken rules. 


Because they cannot be successfully put into words that will resonate with all. 
I'm rushed for time and want to work on some writing whilst at this cafe before work, but I will say this... 

Writing is like space. There are things out there you can't begin to believe. And sometimes you get it, but it can knock you down other times. 

Some call that being in the zone, but there are basic things that can help put you in place. 

Writers have been regurgitating "rules" for as long as I can remember. Like every word must work and write what you know. 

And while these are sound, if not widely spanning, bits of advise, they leave some scratching their head as to the exact meaning. 

Well, as you go on you do figure some of them out, if not all. 

But all in all there are some basic tactics to keep you in line. 

Everything must make sense. I'll throw this out there for today, as my time is growing short. 

Everything in the story must have a beginning and an end. 

Everything, from the over arcing question, down to the smaller questions, and even down to the minute action/reaction tidbits must make sense to the reader. 

And a lot of other things come in to play, as well, in regards to the reader. Like how they interpret certain words and how they are strung together, and even emotions and how you can play off of those to create a vision inside the reader's mind. 

These are subjects that deserve lots of text. But I will end off here with a Friday question. 

Does everything in your story tie up and make sense? How far down to you go? Like down to someone getting shoved and it causes a chain reaction, or they get shoved, get up, and go, "Hmmm, wonder what's wrong with her/him?" 

Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter here

Can't wait to hear from  you. 



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