Trying to Wrap This Up

Working my hardest to get this short story done. It's like everything is against me. But I'm pushing forward, because this will never get done unless I make that extra effort. All the time I say I'll get to it, this is a great idea I'll do it later. And I feel good about it, thinking that later I have this great idea. But when later comes that idea is diluted. No better time than right now. I mean of course unless there is something urgent. 

So the way I'm doing it now is I'm editing during the day any chance I get, and making the changes at night. Print in the morning. Repeat. Once I finish this short story I feel it will open up the floodgates. 

While I'm doing all this I'm also trying to fit in editing the first three chapters of my first novel. And this weekend I will be joining the Horror Writers Association, on the beginning level. 

OK, back to the day job. Until next time. 



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