So a thought for now is to start on social media and then end whatever that leads into on here. Not all the posts, but a lot, I guess. This way the enticement is on lets say Twitter, then the link leads here. You can respond in either place. 
I just wanted to get things going, and I notice, and feel bad when it happens, that I have gaps in posting. 

I take my time with a lot of these posts, and some I don't. But I can't put all of my time into this when my time is very limited. It will also make these posts a bit more personal, like i'm talking on the spur of the moment--which is sort of what will be happening. Things might not be all too polished, but things will move. And I'll be able to focus on the stories. Coming soon. 

So we will see how this works. I have faith in it. I will also experiment with different things, too. Lets see. 



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