From the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, to trick or treaters and colorful costumes, Halloween is here and for some it's a nuisance, others it means candy and costumes. There are horror movie marathons and it’s the best time of the year for horror channels like Chiller and Fear.net. 

But to me it's almost muse-like. Around this time of the year I get a feeling. All the old horror movies I've watched come out and play in my mind. I am entrenched in an ongoing story that plays itself out every year around this time. I sometimes sit down with my laptop at my side, waiting for inspiration to come. 

Sometimes nothing comes, but just sitting there in this stew of thought is like filling up a gas tank of a car. And it runs my thoughts for the rest of the year. 

For a horror writer, this is the Mecca of days, but I don't necessarily have to write. Just the look and feel and essence creates energy in me. It's positive thinking. If you envision yourself doing something, over and over, and really want it, it will come. There are many movies and books on this, one being The Secret. And there is a book I read on the power of your subconscious that worked effectively. 

People have different ways of creating this energy, what are some of yours? 

Enjoy your Halloween, if you celebrate in some way, and be safe. 

And keep writing. 



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