Halloween Decorations at True Value

More Halloween decorations at True Value. It looks to be skeletons around a bar. Pretty cool. Reminds me of when I was younger. Creativity was something that carried you on. Made you want to look further into it. The back story of the characters. The faces that were frozen solid in those latex masks. What were the circumstances that got that character or characters to that particular point in time?  Either way, maybe I'll think a bit more about this in another post. In the meantime enjoy this picture. a WCM

Pareidolia for Halloween

Pareidolia. Where your mind sees a face or something familiar in random things.  Below are some snaps I took at work when I was getting changed to leave for the day. I was like: what the?  Zombie, or some other ghoul? I thought it was pretty freaky.  When I went to check it out I found out it was just a plastic bag full of suit uniforms. Crazy how the mind works. What did you see? 

Walgreens is Getting Ready for Halloween!

Even Walgreens has fall and Halloween goods out.   

Pumpkin Spice Flavoring!

Fall is almost here and that means Pumpkin Spice flavorings. Various supermarkets are preparing for the fall with this delightful coffee addition already. Enjoy these pics of some pumpkin goodness. I love this time of the year. Autumn is just around the corner and the air is getting cooler. Soon, fireplaces will be filling the air with their burning scents. And school will be starting. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of various pumpkin spice coffee creamers. My favorite brand is International Delights. But I can only have a few pumpkin spice coffees before I call it quits. But I still love it!   

Halloween Candy Is Starting

Another place has their Halloween stuff popping up. This time candy at Acme supermarket. Enjoy the vibes in this pic. WCM 

Cresent Moon

Just wanted to get this up. Another Pic. I want to catch on on a clear morning, or evening. But enjoy this for now. WCM

Get Rest

Friday. Posted Sunday.  Feeling better. I'm realizing why I was a mess from when I had started all this OT in the beginning. But then after a ton of Google searching (not the best thing to do sometimes, though it is less frightening than a couple years back I must say) I figured out it's most likely my rest. All work no play makes Will a dull boy? Well, that was a true statement, I guess. Lol heeeres Willy. Ahem. Um. Yeah.  But it's very important to take a rest. You can push limits, but you need your foundation. You need that base to build from.  My loosing interest in things all goes back to about the time I was getting very busy with the overtime and cutting the important rest. And even though I'm feeling better I'm not fooling myself. I need more before I expect anything significant. My lack of creativity, wanting to do the things I love. Just don't feel it at the moment.  So don't put yourself on hold. Live today.  WCM