My Attempt at a Walking Video

Oh boy, I've gone and done it. Well, done something at least. I tried my hand at a walking video. I love those city exploring videos from Action Kid and Urbanist Exploring Cities, so I had the opportunity and said what the heck. If it does well I'll do more.  I couldn't live stream to my other YouTube channel yet, so I did it to Horror with Marchese and Buller.  Either way, check it out. Let me know if you'd like to see more. And like and subscribe if you dig.  See you next time.  WCM 

Planning a Pizza video for Random Will YouTube Channel

I'm planning a pizza video for my YouTube channel Random Will.   That's right, I've finally filmed--eh, okay. I had filmed the pizza preparation and cooking. I just haven't sat down and recorded commentary and put the video together. It's due to a few things, one being afraid it won't be just right. But I have to follow my own advice and just jump in. So I'm going to start hopefully recording something soon.  I will show you how easy it is to make your own pizza where you can use your own toppings and make it the way you like it, without the crazy costs of frozen supermarket pizza, or the rising expense of fast food.  I plan on making more cooking videos for that channel, and because it's going to be random stuff--hence the Random part of the name--I will be doing other fun things (things I find the most fun and entertaining about YouTube).  Either way, I'm going to see what I do and I'll update soon.  Talk soon.  WCM

Squid Games Halloween Special

We're back. After a long time. It was good to create a new episode. Hopefully, it will start gaining subscribers and views to do them more often--these edits take quite a bit of time.  Gary and I talk about Squid games in this episode. We also talk a bit about Halloween and other things in the bloopers section.  Hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe if you do.  See you next time.  WCM


  Kale. 10/23/2021: Been eating this for lunch just about every day for the past couple weeks or so. Acid reflux has lessened greatly and I cut the acid pill I take at night in half. Not too bad. Oh the salad and a cup of soup. The salad has seeds, nuts and sweet potatoes. Apples and raisins/craisins. A small amount of grilled chicken with a type of vinaigrette, I think.  At night I have broccoli and potatoes, steamed, with a meat. Usually 2 sausages or 2 turkey burgers. Breakfast is simple, since I'm on the run into work. An everything bagel and 1oz of cream cheese.  I'm now down to 245lbs. Not too bad.  WCM 

I Have to Do This!

  I was thinking about this blog and how it's basically a YouTube channel without video. Blogs can have video, and pictures. But it's a bit different from the content on video sites.  Maybe blogging is more intimate, maybe the words are an added extra layer that YouTube videos don't have. Though, you can type words there, too. In the comments section. But be honest, most viewers don't read the comment section because the majority of that site is for video.  This site can also be where I tie the YouTube stuff all together. The Horror channel, my random stuff channel (that I haven't done anything for as of yet -- but will be trying something out soon) and anything else that is going on.  The most important thing is to have fun. Be creative. And hopefully, God willing, there will be people who dig what's happening and come along for the ride.  Let's see.  I always said before: if I could help someone with my art then it's all worth it. Just like when I watc

This Moment

Just remember. We are here, now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Right now. No matter what your decision is, it is one you have to make. But remember this: the time we have on this planet is very short. Right now, at this very moment, you can pick up a phone, or get on the computer, and tell someone you love them. See how they are doing.  Nothing is guaranteed in this world. But one thing we have is this very moment.  Don't waste it.  WCM

Weight Loss Update August 23rd, 2021

I am currently 258.2 lbs. My wife has lost a lot of weight, so I figured I'd step up and loose, as well. And for other reasons, like health.   I'll have more on this soon, just wanted to throw my progress out there for those who may be doing the same and may find influence in these posts, or give you strength, who knows. I haven't commented on my weight loss for a long while.  I started when I was like 306, but by biggest was closer to 320.  I told myself when I went under 260lbs I'd sign up for Fit Bit Premium--which I've been using regular Fit Bit to count calories and such through everything--to check out more stats and see if I like the service. But counting calories and moving around are all you really need to do this.  Plus with all that's going on out there in the world, it's best to be healthy.  Talk soon.  WCM