Happy New Year

  Hello to all. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. But just remember, you don't need a jumping off point like the new year to get things going. Get out there and make it happen.  I have to follow my own advice and get to editing and stuff. Talk soon.  WCM

Christmas at Brookfield

It almost looks as though the star leads to another place. Don't it?  Now we just need snow. WCM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Have a Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays. Here are some pictures I hadn't had a chance to upload. Hope to post more often.  WCM

Happy Halloween! 2023

A skeleton chilling at a hardware store and a cool cover for an outdoor lamp.  Happy Halloween! Enjoy these pictures. The decorations always get better, while keeping the same feel of the past. Pretty cool stuff. The Dunkin Donuts cup held up by the skeleton hand was pretty cool.  This was a pretty cool setup. It's usually just a waterfall decoration, but they must have put some dye in the water to make it like blood is pouring. The skeleton hands are a nice touch.  Just a bunch of the crew giving out candy. Hope you have a fun and safe trick or treat.  WCM 

Video Coming Soon

  I'm planning a video for my YouTube channel. It's going to be about how I make a homemade eggnog latte. With inflation and prices going up at the local coffee shops, this should be welcome to a lot of people. And it tastes just as good to me as the major coffee shops. The picture in this post is my usual hazelnut coffee, with a little topping of whipped cream. I don't usually use the latter, but I had some and thought it would be cool.  Talk soon.  WCM 

Halloween Decorations at True Value

More Halloween decorations at True Value. It looks to be skeletons around a bar. Pretty cool. Reminds me of when I was younger. Creativity was something that carried you on. Made you want to look further into it. The back story of the characters. The faces that were frozen solid in those latex masks. What were the circumstances that got that character or characters to that particular point in time?  Either way, maybe I'll think a bit more about this in another post. In the meantime enjoy this picture.  WCM